I want to tell you how much I love you.

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And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins.
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hello, peaches! i am doing a little giveaway for all of the support that i’ve been shown! 
as you can see, the rules and the prizes are stated pretty clear, but to further the details.
1st place winner is able to go through my entire archive of photographs on my blog (or if they want to see more) as well as my paintings/illustrations. for the photograph, you can pick any photograph that you want! as well as painting/illustration. if you want something else, just tell me and i can create something new for you (which will only apply to art print)
here are most of my photographs,
here is a small portion of my amateur artwork
everything else is basically self-explanatory, but when the time comes, or even if there are questions now, i will be happy to answer!
this will be posted here and there for one week, so reblog/like whenever you can before the week is up!
thank you for all of your love and support!! you are all such peaches!!!

To feel you by Akuma Aizawa


seeing the antlers tonight ^~^

i like questions and kisses, coffee and spring, guitars and blue eyes.

Leaving Home, Coming HomeĀ //Dario Marianelli

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hello, my name is brittany. bunny heart.